Lay With Me a Little Longer, Momma


Our teeth are brushed and books are read. Her bed is all ready with each stuffed friend tucked in just right. She crawls in and we do too, all snuggling as a family.

Mommy. Daddy. Baby.

We’re all cozy as thoughts of what we still want to accomplish for the night whirl around our heads. After laying there a while, we get up and give her a kiss, telling her goodnight.

Then, as we’re about to walk out of the door, we hear, “Momma? Daddy?”

We sigh, knowing we have work to do, dishes to dry, and clothes to fold. We kiss her head once more and say, “Goodnight, baby.”

One night it hit me. What’s one more snuggle going to hurt? One more book? One more song?

Here’s this growing, sweet girl practically begging for my attention and I’m denying her just a few minutes more. Dread filled my heart when I realized how many precious moments I’d lost by not simply staying a little longer.

Instead of dwelling on that though, I decided to change it. I decided that every time she called me back, when reasonable, I’d go. I’d spend those extra minutes with her.

I want her to know I’ll always be there for her, no matter how old she is. I want her to know I’m there for cuddles, to read, to talk, or whatever else she may need me for in those last few minutes.

Sure, it’s less work time. Less time to do chores. Less time to sleep. But, my little girl is growing up.

She won’t always want me to stay a little longer.

For my take on how to remember those special moments spent with your little ones, check out this post.

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