Writing to Your Child: A Hard Task Well Worth Its Time


writing to your children

You know those things you think you’ll remember about your child? Like, that time he said something really cute to the old lady in the grocery store. But, then it’s gone. A few months go by and you’ve forgotten what that adorable saying was, despite thinking you never would. It happens to the best of us.

What do I personally do to combat that? I write to my child. Monthly, I pull out my laptop and write her a letter. I date it and leave it in Google Docs so that someday I can print every single one and be flooded with memories as we read them together.

My dad started this tradition with my siblings and I. From the time we were each born, he wrote us letters. Now, it wasn’t exactly every month on the dot because he was a busy man, but he tried his hardest to stay on top of it while going to school, working, taking care of a house, and raising children.

At first I thought, there’s no way I could do it. It takes far too much time and what would I even write?

But, nonetheless, I gave it a shot because I know how important it was when I turned 18 to see that thick stack of letters documenting my life, written by my proud father who spent countless hours putting it together.

It’s been easier than I thought, actually. I just keep a little pile of notes about things she’s done over the month and write about them. Some of the letters are pages long, while others are a few short sentences. Just enough to document the important stuff, tell her I love her, and remind myself of the things she’s done as she grows so fast.

All of it happens in the blink of an eye. They’re born, then they’re running, then they’re driving your car away. You don’t want to miss those moments. Document them. For your child, for their future children, for yourself.

It might take time, but you won’t regret a single second of it when you see the finished product.

Want to involve your spouse in your writing too so they don’t feel left out? Check out this post.

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