Easy, Natural Cleaning Tool For Tiny Stained Hands and Faces

jojoba oil

My daughter is in love with making messes. We craft daily and often times that leads to face and hand staining. No matter how washable a product says it is, sometimes we need more than water to get it off. We’ve tried a ton of different brands for our marker, paint, and stamp supplies, but nothing seems to come off quite like the packaging says it should.

That’s where my miracle product comes in.

Jojoba oil.

How many of you have heard of this delightful product?

I use it to remove my makeup nightly and one day I got to thinking. If it can remove the half ton of foundation I shove into my pores daily, it should be able to remove the rest of the stains on my daughter’s face and hands after a simple art project.

So, I tried it and it worked! I got a soft cloth wet with a little warm water, put about a pea sized smudge of Jojoba oil on the cloth, and lightly massaged her face and hands with it one day after a stamping project using adult, non-washable ink that wouldn’t budge for water or soap. It came right off. I was amazed. Every last stitch of the ink was off of her skin.

The one thing about jojoba oil is that you want to make sure you’re getting 100% pure oil. It should have only one ingredient it in; the oil itself. If it has anything more than that, it’s probably filled with chemicals and you don’t want to put that anywhere near your precious little one’s skin.


In short, make sure it’s 100% pure, cold pressed, non-refined organic jojoba oil with the only ingredient being the oil itself.

We found ours on Amazon.com, which is where we shop for practically everything. Lazy? Eh, maybe. But seriously, if you don’t have jojoba oil in your house, you need to get some right away. Especially if you have kids who like to messily craft and are constantly staining themselves!

Check out my post on messy painting, or if you’re not into that, watch out for my post on non-messy painting which will be coming in the next few days.

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