Why I Refuse to Allow Oreos In My Household


Over the holiday season, we had a ton of candy and other various goodies float through our door. A lot of it we ended up throwing away, while other parts of it did get eaten.

We’re not a perfect family. We do eat candy and sweets sometimes. Heck, once in a while we even allow our daughter to indulge with an M&M or two.

But overall, I refuse to allow Oreos into our house. Why, you might ask?

I eat the entire container. And not over the course of a week or so either. Within a few days, we’re talking here. Sometimes even less than that. It’s hard to admit, but it’s totally true.

Well, why don’t you just use portion control tools then, you might also ask?

That is my self-control right there. Not letting a package of them enter my house.

There are a few products I don’t even try to control myself with because I know damn well it isn’t going to go well. Almost all moms have a product they have issues with too and if you say you’re not one of those moms, you’re probably lying to yourself.

You have a weakness. Maybe it’s not Oreos. Maybe it’s jalapeno chips, or chocolate chunk ice cream, or tater tots, or something entirely different, but I’m sure you have at least one food weakness. We all do.

But, that’s OK.

It’s OK to have a weakness against something so powerful that you won’t even allow it into your house. It’s OK to have something you can’t control yourself with. Food control is important in life, but it’s OK to have a weakness item or two.

Really, it is.

You’re not alone.

And that, my friends, is why I don’t allow Oreos into my house.

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