Top 5 Bath Toys For Toddlers

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Rubber duckies are a thing of the past. No longer should our children be suffering boring, pointless baths with creatures that do nothing but float around. It’s time to turn tub time into something fun, creative, and informative!

Needing a new spin on your toddler’s tubby toys? Check out this list of my favorite five.
Bathtub Crayons


If you have not experienced bath crayons, you have not lived. Seriously. Bath time for my toddler is writing time for me. I mean, I keep a close eye on her and do make sure I am interacting with her, but it’s also just about the only time I get to do a quick post or reply to some comments in between all of that. Bath crayons keep my toddler busy for at least a half hour, if not more. Her regular baths usually last around 20 minutes, so to get an extra 10 minutes or longer out of her is amazing. She loves to doodle all around the tub, plus it’s super easy to wipe away when she’s all done. Heck, usually she does all the cleaning for me. It’s a win-win. She gets out her creativity and cleaning skills while I get much needed Mommy time. You need this product in your house. We are currently using Crayola Bathtub Crayons and love them, though we haven’t ventured out to other brands for this particular product.

Cookie Cutters



Cookie cutters aren’t just for baking. Oh, no! They’re great to throw in the bath, too. You can pick out any shape you want to make it educational and fun. They’re the new rubber ducky. Rubber and plastic toys usually have that annoying little hole that gets filed with water. Sure, you can plug it with hot glue, but some tiny amount of water still might get in, leaving you with a gross, moldy mess. Cookie cutters are way easier to clean after use, and they’re multipurpose. Genius? Yeah.



I first heard of these over at and I sort of, really fell in love. These cards are totally mold-resistant (something very dear to my heart) and have a nice, foamy feel that is awesome for kids’ hands, especially when they’re learning about textures. This is the perfect bath toy for any age. In the early stages, they’ll mainly be used for texture play, but as your child ages, he can mix and match the pictures to make all sorts of cool made-up creatures to help him learn about the world, animals, and people around him. They’re such a creative way to help your child learn and grow, plus there are so many combinations, he’s sure to never grow tired of them.

Bath Drums

water drum.jpg

Music making is one of the most important parts of childhood. Not only is it fun, it helps children’s brains develop as they listen to each pounded out note. These Little Tikes Bath Drums are loud enough to entertain your child for a good period of time and quiet enough to not drive you up the tiled wall, so they’re pretty much perfect. And really, who doesn’t love a good drum solo in the tub? Am I right here, people?

Wine Corks


If you’re a mom, you’re likely to have one or two (or 40) wine corks laying around. They float around great in the tub and make for cheap entertainment in a pinch when your toddler’s bath toys just aren’t doing it for him anymore. You’ll probably want to throw them out after a use or two so you aren’t growing a mold factory, but hey, it’s a great excuse to drink more wine.






2 thoughts on “Top 5 Bath Toys For Toddlers

  1. I like this a lot..I’ll check it out again later when mine becomes a toddler; which seems to be creeping up on me sooner than expected..


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