An Open Letter to My Toddler Who Likes to Dress Herself (In All Minnie Mouse Themed Clothing)


Today you wore your Minnie Mouse tights with your Minnie Mouse dress and your Minnie Mouse long sleeve over top. On your head, you placed your knitted owl hat and on top of that, your Minnie Mouse ears.

Why you chose to put the shirt over top of the sparkly dress, I don’t know. I will probably never know.

You got a lot of stares when we went to town. I could see it in peoples’ eyes. How could I let my daughter wear that much Minnie Mouse themed clothing at one time? Don’t I have control over her?

Well, yeah I do. But I like to let you make your own choices. Clothing is a very personal thing and describes who you are. I want you to be you, so I let you walk out of the house in that full Minnie Mouse suit, not caring what the world might think about it or my parenting.

Honestly, before I ever had you, I promised myself that if I had children in the future, they would never wear character clothing. I thought it was tacky. Even in your infancy months, I refused to let your body host an article of clothing containing anything Disney.

I didn’t think you’d ever be so particular to a show that you’d fall so in love with a character you’d want everything you wear to represent that love.

But I was wrong.

I was wrong that you wouldn’t ever love a character that much.

I was wrong that I wouldn’t ever let you wear clothing containing anything Disney.

And you know what? I don’t even mind that I was wrong. You looked fabulous today. The sparkly poof-y dress that flowed as you walked down the aisles made me smile. Your little ponytail looked adorable as it bounced up and down right above your Minnie Mouse shirt. The pep in your step, knowing how cute you are, totally made my day.

So shine on, little one. Show your love for Minnie Mouse or whatever other character you fall in love with in the future. Be you. You rock.

I love you and every bit of your Minnie Mouse loving self.

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