Painting, a Mess Worth Making (Minus Most of the Mess)


Recently, I wrote about painting with our toddler. I talked about how making messes is an important part of children’s lives and I do totally think that. However, sometimes we don’t exactly have time for messes that big. Some days are busier than others, so I thought I might toss in an alternative for those of you who really don’t have time for the messes, but want the creativity that painting brings.

For those days when we have just enough time to paint but not for crazy clean up that normal paints cause, we use paint with water books.

They’re simple. Rip off a sheet from the book, dip your brush in water, rub it on the color, and paint away!

One thing we did notice is that you need to add more water to the color than we initially thought to get a good, rich color. Other than that, this whole thing totally rocks.

Not only is it simple, it’s super easy to clean up. We didn’t even feel the need to strip our daughter down to just a diaper like we do with tempera paints. She did get a little wet, but we just changed her into her normal clothes. It’s a great morning activity to do before your little one has jumped out of their jammies.

We used Melissa and Doug’s Paint With Water Safari Version, which you can find at various small shops and online on their personal website, along with We love their products because they’re easy to use, safe for kids, and super good quality. Our daughter has a ton of their toys and we can’t get over the fact that they produce such great things.

In a later post, I’ll talk about a kids’ cleaning set we got from their company too. Our daughter LOVES to clean and it’s a great learning tool so of course I want to share it with my readers!

From our family to yours, we hope you had a great holiday season.


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