Cleaning: A Lifelong Skill Worth Teaching Every Child

cleaning with a toddler

Our daughter loves to clean. I don’t know if most children do or if we just got lucky. She loves to help me with the laundry and all sorts of other tasks. Though it takes about three times as long to do it with her help throwing the load in piece by piece, I let her do it with patience because I know it’s an important skill and if she loves it from a young age, her adult life will be 100x easier.

She also loves to sweep and mop with me. At first, we let her use our adult-sized broom, but it was obviously really hard for her. Nonetheless, she loved using it so we just let her go.

Then one day, a thought popped into my head. They must make some sort of a kids’ broom. Really, why wouldn’t they? I know my kid isn’t the only one who likes to clean.

And I was RIGHT.

Through a quick Google search, I founpTRU1-18939586dt.jpgd out Melissa and Doug has an awesome kids’ cleaning set that includes not only a tiny tot broom, but also a mop, dust pan, duster, and broom brush. I knew we had to have it for our daughter.

Fast forward a little bit and we finally got it into our house. Ashlyn’s great-grandma got it for her for Christmas, as per our request.

It was love at first sight. The high quality of the wooden pieces was astonishing to us. Most toys are made completely of cheap plastic, so I was more than impressed with the quality of these toys, especially for the price.

My daughter fell in love right away and started sweeping and mopping her room as soon as she got it through the door. She plays with it daily and loves to make sure everything is off her floors. Now, she’s not even two, so I’d like to say that’s impressive.

The company carries a variety of other kids’ cleaning supplies, too. I haven’t looked much into them, but from the pictures, they look pretty darn cool.

Teaching children how to clean is so important. Not only does it teach them what to do when they’re older, it also gives them a sense of purpose. Not that cleaning is life, but when a child has a task they know is helping their parents, they feel good about themselves.

An important part of teaching your children how to clean is to make it fun. For most adults, cleaning is particularly boring, but when you add music and dance around doing it, it suddenly becomes enjoyable. So that’s right. Crank some tunes and get to dancing around your kitchens with your children, people. You’ve got messes to clean and memories to make!

Start small. For children under one up to about the age of two and a half, start by having them throw pieces of laundry into the washer with you. Then, have them help switch them to the dryer. If you’re up to it, let them hand you each piece to fold. It’s easy enough for them to do, and if you make it fun, it will be fun. When they start to walk, hand them a broom and see what happens. Give them a rag and let them wipe things down. That’s another favorite thing to do in our household. Just let it flow from there. The possibilities are endless. Seriously.

Sure, it’ll take a little longer to clean your house, but just think of the things you’re instilling in your child.


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