Want a Happy Life? Slow Down and Drink Some Tea


I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like the taste and it doesn’t have an effect on me, so I just don’t do it. Call me crazy, but there’s not much I can do about it. Oh, and don’t even try to tell me to attempt various flavors and add-ons. I worked at a coffee shop for a year and tried everything I possibly could. Nothing tastes good to me. Not white chocolate, nor caramel, nor banana, nor raspberry, nor anything else I tried. Not white coffee. Not short shots. Not toddy. Nothing.

So, how have I survived my practically sleepless life as a mother these last few years? Tea. I used to hate tea with a passion. A literal passion. I thought there was never going to be a kind I was going to like.

That was until I started experimenting at my coffee shop job. I was getting up at 3 a.m. after getting only a few hours of sleep interrupted several times by a crying baby, and since coffee tastes gross to me and has no effects on my body, I tried tea and lots of it. Finally, I found out that I don’t actually hate it. I LOVE it. A lot. And it does wake me up, unlike the dark drink most of America consumes every morning.


I found a few selections that gave me enough buzz to get going. Chai was one of them. The caffeinated one, of course. I found that I love every single type of Chai. I’m not brand particular, but I do love one with an extra punch of spice. I always add a bit of honey to the mix, and then I found the miracle add-in. Peppermint essential oil. I personally use Young Living’s version because it’s the only quality I trust to actually ingest. It tastes SO good. Like heaven in a hot cup.

Loose leaf peppermint tea itself is one of my favorites too. I add honey to that too, and usually add a drop of the essential oil in as well because I like it strong tasting. I’m not a big fan of weak tea. This one’s always a big perk-me-up one for early mornings.

Green tea is another great one. There’s a lot of variations with this one, but it’s great with lemon and honey. I particularly enjoy almond green tea. When I’m feeling a little off, I like to make a nice, warm cup of this tea and it usually throws me together.

I almost forgot about Bigelow’s Orange and Spice tea. This is the one tea I enjoy without any sort of sweetener in it. It has just the right amount of sweetness already, with a slight bite of spice that’s totally delectable. It’s got that soft, sweet orange twist that throws everything together and it really should be in every household.

So, there you have it. Tea is what holds my coffee-less toddler-run life. If you don’t like the dark drink I so despise either, you should give tea a shot. It certainly changed my life as a mother, though I thought it never would.

Oh, and on the downside, when I want to wind down, I’ve got a favorite for that too. Stash’s Apple Cinnamon Chamomile tea. Holy freaking cow. Any time I drink a cup, I’m out in a half hour. It’s like a miracle in a cup for my mind that never seems to wind down. My boyfriend calls it my M-99. Sometimes I sneak a watered down version to my daughter too, but don’t tell her that.


11 thoughts on “Want a Happy Life? Slow Down and Drink Some Tea

  1. Oops! Celestial Seasonings sells the honey vanilla chammomile. But it’s hit or miss with the lapsang souchong. That is usually sold in specialty tea stores.


  2. Being an Indian, Chai is an everyday affair, though we add milk to it and some spices too to make it a little special. :) I love chai.

    The other day, I tried some fennel tea and it’s amazing.


  3. I forgot to mention (since you’re such an avid tea lover), have you ever tried Lapsang Souchong? It’s a smokey black (caffeinated) tea. It’s very good! I keep a tin of the loose leaf in my cupboard for cold winter days. It’s an acquired taste but the smokey flavor is what I love about it!


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