Makeup Must-Haves For Mom: Top 4 Beauty Products For Moms on the Go

top beauty products

Let’s admit it. As mothers, finding the time to put on our makeup is rough. In fact, it’s often nearly impossible. I mean, really, sometimes it’s difficult for us moms to find time to put on a sweatshirt and a shirt. We’ve got other things on our minds… Like sleep (what is that again?) and food.

Nonetheless, sometimes it’s nice to feel “dolled up”, or whatever you would like to call it. It’s nice to feel beautiful. Not that naked faces aren’t beautiful. They are. But sometimes it’s nice to go a little above and beyond.

For me, the days I want to get “dolled up” are those when I take my daughter to her gymnastics class or go to the grocery store. I know. Wild, right? Yeah. I don’t get out of the house much. But really, I don’t ever have much time to put myself together between work, caring for a needy toddler, and cleaning. Getting out the door is a miracle. Because of that, my beauty must-haves absolutely have to be quick and easy to apply. I don’t have time to spend an hour getting the perfect pout-y lip or the right tones for contouring. I have to have fast, simple-to-use products.

Here are four of my absolute mommy must-have beauty products. Get your pen and paper ready, ladies. It’s time for some notes!

Stila HUGE Mascara



Stila is a little on the spendy side when it comes to mascara, but it’s worth every penny. We do deserve to feel good about ourselves and splurge from time to time, right? I’m in love with mascara and that’s not an understatement. Mascara is my thing. Heck, my Instagram profile includes the words “mascara lover” in the little personal information section. I’m a tad bit obsessed. I’ve tried a ton of brands from drug store varieties to the top dogs and the problem I always find is that it takes so many layers to get the length and fullness I desire. With multiple layers comes a lot of time investment, which I just can’t afford. That’s where Stila HUGE comes in. In just one or two coats, I look forward to long, thick lashes.

This was right after two coats of Stila. I don’t have overly long lashes to start with, so this is quite impressive. I was a little more dolled up than most days because it was my anniversary night- I rarely go this far into my look.


ModelCo Ultra Long-Lasting Stiletto Lipstick


Every woman needs a good red lipstick. It can be a little daunting, but I’ve found that this brand and color look great with just about any skin tone. Even mine and I’m really, really pale. One simple swipe of this lipstick and you’re good to go. It’s an easy way to get the look of spending hours on yourself without actually having to do so. This shade really pops and lasts for quite a good period of time, even through all of those slobbery baby kisses. Take a chance and try it, ladies. You won’t regret it.

This picture was taken a few months after the last one with the ModelCo Stiletto lipstick before a lunch date with the tot and boyfriend. It’s got a nice, rich tone that makes it look like I spent at least a half hour putting myself together when in reality, it was about seven minutes for the complete picture, including the selfie.


Baby Lips Pink Punch Lip Balm




Another staple in mommy makeup is Baby Lips Pink Punch. It’s a super soft color for those who don’t like the idea of a bold red lip. It’s pretty enough to wear on a date but toned down enough to rub on quickly before a trip to the grocery store with the kiddos. Just slap a layer or two on and you’re good to go for the full day with this long-lasting lip moisturizer.

Here’s what Baby Lips Pink Punch looks like on:


Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Gilded Rose



This one is a little bit of a stretch and totally not makeup, but it is a beauty product and a must-have at that. I never have time to put on nail polish, but if I have a fancy event to go to (which is almost never) I like to look like I put in as much effort into myself as possible. Now, looking and doing are very different things in my world, which is where this product comes in. Most nail polishes take a few coats, but this one is different. Because it’s meant to be shear, it’s easy to apply one coat and go out the door. It dries super fast, so it’s pretty perfect for a tight mommy schedule, especially when you have a million things to grab with your freshly-painted hands. It’s also nice because if you do end up have a little extra time, you can apply a few more coats to make it less shear but I personally prefer the shear look because it’s simple and elegant, plus it’s hard to tell when it chips, making the look last a good week or so.

What are some of your favorite on-the-go mommy beauty products? I’m always looking to grow my list!



2 thoughts on “Makeup Must-Haves For Mom: Top 4 Beauty Products For Moms on the Go

  1. I’m a lip balm and mascara only girl on most occasions. I’ll have to check out that Stila mascara and pink punch lip balm. I’m always looking for good ones. I’ve only attempted red a few times, but I agree that I should get one in my bag!!


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