3 Best “Board” Games For Toddlers

board games for toddlers

Board games are not only fun and interactive, but they’re also great learning tools. The problem with a lot of board games though is that they’re usually geared toward kids in at least kindergarten. Because my toddler loves to play games and she’s only just about two, I set out to find three of the best ones she could play that would be both safe and fun for her age level.

There were a lot of great games I researched, but I came down to these top three  for toddlers:

Let’s Go Fishin’

*The manufacturer’s age suggestion is 4+, but our daughter is two and does well with this game. The main concern, in my opinion, is that the fish could be choking hazards. Please watch your toddlers closely when playing this game.


This is my toddler’s favorite game. It’s totally fun and simple, too. There’s only one rule- catch as many fish as you can with your fishing pole. This game helps with fine motor skills and concentration because toddlers have to keep track of the fish they want to grab while the pond is moving, wait for it to open its mouth, and dip their pole into it before pulling it to the side. I like to turn up the learning this game provides by talking about the colors of the fish my toddler catches and having her place them in separate groups (red, blue, orange, yellow, and green). Throw in some counting and this game is an awesome learning tool!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

*The manufacturer’s age suggestion is 4+, but it could easily be played by children two and older. The main concern is that the marbles could be choking hazards. Please watch your toddlers closely when playing this game.

919hfQmLj8L._SL1500_This is another fun and totally simple game every toddler should have in their lives. All your child has to do is smash down a lever over and over again to make his or her hippo eat the marbles! It’s a race to see who can get the most marbles and while your child might not understand the concept of winning at this point, it’s a great way to introduce counting. When all the marbles are off the main game piece, count how many each person playing has in their little reserves. This will help your child pick up on number sequences and understand how counting works. Hands on counting is the best kind!

Curious George Matching Game


The main idea of this game is to work on memory. Normally the cards are faced upside down and you have to match them based on memory, but most toddlers won’t be able to do this. Starting with the cards face up will make the game a whole lot easier for your young child. Simply give your toddler a card and ask her to find the one just like it. While it might take a few tries, it will help your child understand similarities in images. My daughter loves Curious George, so we picked this version but there are tons of other character matching games out there to fit your child’s needs and desires.

What are some of the board games you enjoy playing with your toddler? Have you tried any of these ones? How did it go?

Remember, it’s all a learning process and toddlers don’t always pick up on games right away. It’s about not giving up and being patient, though it can be hard sometimes.

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