Cleanse the Soul With a Little Rain Play


We live in Washington and my daughter’s favorite time to go outside is when it’s raining.

Now, I don’t particularly like the rain. It’s ok and all, but I don’t like being wet and cold. Ashlyn, on the other hand, enjoys soaked socks and dripping hair.

When she first started hearing the rain pound on our roof and begging to go outside to jump in the puddles, I dragged my feet. I did it, but not without wanting to go inside every second of it.

Eventually, I decided it wasn’t so bad after all. It’s only temporary and each time I remind myself I’ll be able to go inside and warm up soon.

It’s worth it to me. It’s worth it to watch the grin spread permanently across her cheeks as the murky water splashes around her. It’s worth it for the warm snuggles I get when we finally do go inside. It’s worth it for the memories we’re making.

After all, that’s what life’s all about, right? Making memories. Sometimes it’s wet. Sometimes it’s cold. But the memories, they will always be there to warm my heart, so I continue to do these sorts of semi-miserable things with my growing little girl.

What about you? What sorts of things do you do with your toddler that you don’t really love but do for their happiness? Do you jump in the rain? Let them paint and spend forever cleaning up afterward? Do you read them that same book over and over and over again?

Whatever you do, don’t stop doing it. OK?


7 thoughts on “Cleanse the Soul With a Little Rain Play

  1. My 2-year-old loves playing in the rain, too. The other day she’d been cooped up inside because of the awful weather. So I rolled out the trampoline and let her jump to her heart’s content in the front yard—and yes, in the rain!


  2. We were in Oregon before and it rained all the time. Now, we are in sunny San Diego. My daughter is still an infant, but she loves listening to “The wheels on the bus” rhyme with tomfoolery from my side. It is annoying when it goes on and on and on, but I still do it to keep her occupied.


    1. That’s quite a big change! I love both Oregon and California.
      “The Wheels on the Bus” is one of my daughter’s favorites too. It makes me want to pull my hair out, but I try to remind myself that music is a great learning tool. She loves to sing loud and proud!


  3. I love this! My son enjoys jumping in rain puddles also. Not my favorite thing either, but it really makes him happy, so I do it every now and then. And yes, there are days where he asks me to read him the story over and over and over, and sometimes I just say “Hey, why not?” It makes him happy and those are the memories I want him to have. I don’t want him to say “Mom was always too busy”, I want him to remember me being silly with him, and tucking him in 30 times in a night if that’s how long it takes him to get to bed, and sometimes saying the words I tell him not to say (such as “You’re a stinky pootie, you need to go take a bath!”). He laughs and we have fun. Cheers to mommyhood and a beautiful life!


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