Best Birthday Books to Give to Your Toddler On Their Birthday

best birthday books

Our family is obsessed with books. Seriously. Our toddler has so many books that we can’t shove any more into her huge shelf. It’s bursting at the seams. That’s mainly because we buy them for her as gifts for every holiday. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and everything in between.

Of course, that includes her birthday too. Last year, for her first birthday, we decided to ask all of the guests who attended her party to bring a book instead of a toy or other present. She has a ton of clothes, stuffed animals, and other toys, but really, she could never have enough books. It just made sense to me.

This year is dawned on me that there are actual birthday books. Like, the subject of some books are birthdays themselves. Why I didn’t think of that last year, I have no idea, but her birthday is coming up in March so I set out to do some research to see if some of her favorite authors had any birthday books and a lot of them totally did!

Here’s the list of the best birthday books I compiled:

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise


Follow George as he tries to figure out who the man with the yellow hat is putting a surprise party together for! This adorable book is great for toddlers, like mine, who love Curious George and trying to solve mysteries. It’s by far one of the cutest books I’ve ever seen and perfect for a birthday gift to any toddler.

Happy Birthday, Mouse!


If you’ve read the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series, you know this book totally rocks even if you haven’t read it. Laura Numeroff has yet to mess up a book and is definitely one of my favorite children’s authors of all time. In this humorous and adorable book, Mouse finds himself quite the treat.Your toddler will be laughing by the second page and I know that for sure!

Birthday Monsters!


Sandra Boynton is the queen of rhyming and this book certainly shows that. Your little monster will love waking up to read this book on his birthday, or any other day of the year. It’s cute, funny, and full of great illustrations sure to please even the most curious child.

The Birthday Box


Our toddler is in love with any book written by Leslie Patricelli and we can see why. She’s hilarious in her writing and totally relates to children in every detail of her books. The Birthday Box is one of her best and most creative pieces, along with PottyToot, and Yummy Yucky. Her books are a must-have in every household!


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