Valentine’s Day Crafts For Tiny People With Big Hearts

valentines day crafts for kids and toddlers

Valentine’s Day is coming up and that means it’s time for crafts galore. It can be hard to figure out what your children should be making for the loves of their lives (grandparents, friends, etc), which is why I’m here to bounce some ideas off you.

These are all crafts that are simple enough for a toddler to make, but can be made by any stage after that too. They’re cute, easy, and a ton of fun.

Get out your journal! It’s time for some crafty notes.

“I Love You to Pieces” Card

solis art.jpg

Idea/Picture From Solis Plus One

This one is super simple, but you should be involved as much as possible when making it. Write out the words in whatever fancy font you’d like (if your child isn’t old enough to do so herself) and draw a BIG heart. Then, let her cut out shapes (if you trust her with scissors) and paste the pieces in the heart. It’s fun, easy, and seriously, does it get cuter than that?

Jar Full-o Stuff


Idea/Picture From Coffee Cups & Crayons

This is about as simple as it gets. Have your child pick out his favorite rocks, candies, and other little trinkets to give to just about anyone. You can have him decorate the outside for even more fun. Get creative. Use paper, glitter, glue, buttons, you name it! The possibilities are endless.

Heart Stamping


Idea/Picture From Craftulate

Kids LOVE to stamp. Smash a simple empty cardboard toilet paper roll into the shape of a heart and use tape to hold it in place. Dip the end in just a little paint and let him go! He’ll have a blast watching the shapes appear on paper, plus it makes a cute card for just about anyone.

Tissue Paper Wreath


Idea/Picture From Happy Hooligans

This piece is totally adorable and super easy. It doesn’t get much better than that, right? Start by allowing your little one to paint a paper plate that you’ve cut the center out of. Then, while the paint is still wet, let them stick colored tissue paper all around. This is super cute to hang on the door, or really anywhere.

Noodle Necklaces



Idea/Picture From The Alison Show

Who doesn’t love necklaces? Simply cut a piece of string and tie a bead at the end so that the pieces don’t fall off. Give your child some big, easy-to-string noodles, and let her set to work. If you’re really feeling fancy, let her roll the noodles in paint first. For an extra bonus, throw in some glitter to the mix. Super cute, plus it’s a pop of fashion for any toddler’s wardrobe on Valentine’s Day.

Hand Print Poem

VDay Handprint

Idea/Picture From The Barger Fam

For children who aren’t big into crafting (do those exist?!), this easy craft is a great idea. Simply pick your favorite lovey-dovey poem, print it out along with his name, and have him stamp his hand print right underneath of the writing. This one is great for grandparents and teachers alike.

What are you waiting for?! You have crafts (and memories) to go make!



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