Turn An Ordinary Wooden Stool Into Something Spectacular With Your Toddler

wooden stool

Crafting is a lot of fun with toddlers, but it’s really easy to run out of projects, especially if you’re like our family who does it on a multi-daily basis. As I was thinking of ideas for a big weekend craft for my two-year-old, I decided to bring some furniture into the mix. She needed a bathroom stool, so why not have her decorate one?

And that’s what we did. We took a basic $10 wooden, unpainted stool from Michael’s, a craft store in our area, and went with it. Set up with paints galore and an entire floor covered in sheets, my daughter had a blast covering what would soon be the stool that would help her brush her teeth at bedtime.


Of course, it was rather messy but isn’t that the fun of it all?

This project can be done with any sort of unpainted (or even painted, it really doesn’t matter) furniture. I do recommend going with non-washable paints though so that the design isn’t washed away if water or other liquids do happen to spill on it. With a toddler, it’s inevitable.

What’s your craft for the week/weekend?

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