Pipsticks Sticker Club: Just What Your Crafty Child Needs

PipSticks Sticker Club Reiview

Crafts make up my child’s life.  She loves nothing more than crafts (except Minnie Mouse). While she loves markers, crayons, and paints, her most recent life love is stickers. She’s obsessed with stickers in the same way I’m obsessed with bath bombs.

While trying to figure out what the heck to get her for her birthday (other than books) I decided stickers would be a good idea because her stash is getting low. As a child, my parents got me a monthly sticker club subscription and to this day, I think it was the best thing they ever got me, so that’s what I decided I would get my daughter.

I couldn’t find the sticker club I was a part of as a child, but I did come across another really cool one. PipSticks Sticker Club! The website looked super cute, so I decided to order, hoping for the best.

And, the best is what we got. I was excited to see in the mail the most adorable package I’ve ever received:

*I blocked out my address for obvious reasons.

The package is fun and totally kid friendly. We might even use it to color on this week! It was easy to open for my toddler. She was excited to have a package come in the mail just for her. She’s constantly sending out cards to people, but doesn’t receive much to open herself so she was pretty happy to have something special like that.

Her birthday isn’t for another week, but we decided to let her go for it.

Inside, here’s what we found:


A cute little “welcome” note, along with two sheets of bright paper, and our stickers!

As you can see, there is quite the variety of stickers. Animals, bugs, food, shapes, and even robots and cars. I like that the package is geared toward all kinds of kids, making sure to hit just about every interest a child might have.

Our family (especially the tot) is loving the club so far and if you think you might enjoy it too, click on this link for $5 off your first month! 

The site offers an adult version of the club as well, so be sure to check that out too if you love stickers as much as your child does.

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