Mothers, at some point, have all had their lives run by a toddler or two. Some admit it, some don’t. I like to admit it because, well, that’s just me. It makes it a little easier.

What’s up with my toddler-run family? Well, there’s my boyfriend, Justin. He’s 25. Young, spunky, willing to work hard. You know the type. He helps around the house, loves our toddler, and occasionally likes to lift some weights. Then, there’s me. I’m pretty simple. Simply complicated. Is that a thing? It must be, because that’s the only way to describe me. I write for a living, and find it really fun. Plus, it allows me to stay at home!

Oh, and then there’s the toddler. Her name is Ashlyn. She’s the coolest kid around. Maybe I’m biased. I don’t know. We all are, aren’t we? Yeah. She’s funny. Really funny. I like to think it’s genetic. Basically, she’s like a cat. Full of personality, but doesn’t like to be talked to/touched/played with unless invited. She’s also like a Sour Patch Kid. Super cuddly, adorable, and sweet, but totally willing to bite your face as hard as she can when she’s mad. It’s adorable.

So, we’re not the perfect family. My boyfriend and I are far from the perfect parents. Obviously. We can’t even get our daughter to stop biting us. We’re working on it though, OK? Basically, I’m saying we’re just like you. Trying hard, but not exactly where we want to be.

Want to know a little more background on our crazy lives? Keep reading…

I was a teen mom. At 17, I got pregnant. I was a straight A student going to college and high school at the time. I was dating this guy. After a year of being together, things happened and I got pregnant. It just happened. Not because I was a slut, not because I was a bad kid, and certainly not because I had problems with my parents. It just happened. The guy joined the military, left me, and I had our daughter. Soon after joining, he was kicked out. I won’t go into that, but he came back to us for a while. That didn’t work out and he didn’t want to be in her life.

I was devastated. I had the perfect father growing up and I dreamed of my child having the same. I went about finishing my college degree and working to support my child as a single mother. I had the help of my parents, which made the world of a difference in my life.

Then, when my daughter was five months old, I took a chance and went on a date with a guy (Justin) my cousin knew. I was so scared, but after talking online for a while, we picked a day and place to hang out. He wanted to have our date somewhere my little one could come so we picked a lake and strolled her along. I knew it would turn into something great because he offered to hold my diaper bag to lighten my load, willing to look like we were a family in front of everyone.

I’m not sure if I believe in love at first sight, but if it’s real, that’s what I saw when Ashlyn and Justin first laid eyes on each other. It was beautiful perfection and I will never forget that moment.

Move forward a long time and Justin has since adopted her. He’s been the absolute perfect father and we’ve never been happier. We look like a completely normal family and you’d never be able to tell we have a crazy, beautiful story behind us.

So, there you have it. My perfectly imperfect story. What’s yours?


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